Day 295. Full moon town run.

Wasn’t feeling the run tonight. Wish I took my running stuff with me to work. I reckon I’ve found a new place to run, gonna research tonight and try it tomorrow. Fancied a change, Reece isn’t running again, so can do whatever. As I left the tower still unsure where to go, I turn right instead of left at the bottom. Then I remembered about the leisure park. It’s a start, so I head there to take a look. No phone on me tonight so no pics again. After dodging the commuters on the short 0.4 miles of path and cycleway, I’m there. It’s buzzing with people, there’s loads going on. Definitely coming back here, restaurants of all sorts, a few bars, amusement arcade, bowls, cinema and God knows what else. At the end I go through the carpark and over the footbridge through the train station, into the town and shopping centre. Where now? Old town? I know my way there, so that’s where I go. Past Tesco’s, over another footbridge and into Old town. Busy here too. I go past the bars, restaurants and shops I went with Andy the other week. Further on there’s some nicer bars too, them boys don’t venture out much ha ha. Find a few places they like and that’s it. No other decent bars they say, been to them all they say. Right O! I’m pretty sure these other places could be as good, if not better. Creatures of comfort though, so getting them to change now will be almost impossible. After a bit, I turn back and head back to the digs.

It’s dawned on me today that the rest of my year of running, is mostly gonna be here. How depressing is that? Very! ☹️ Especially when the clocks go back. Need to make the most of the weekend runs now. Don’t get me wrong it’s not that bad here but I’d rather be home. Need to book my next challenge I think 🤔.

Day 295 done 70 to go.

3.6 miles HR 144.

1815.6 miles total.

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