Day 299. Clocks are going back.

Well the time ran away from us today. What with picking Babs new car up, walking the boy, food shopping, bra shopping and eating, it was late evening before we knew it. It was raining and we were starting to loose daylight. We messed up really as the clocks go back tonight, so dark nights from now on. Family run fun, so we drove to Ferry meadows. We was dressed for the rain and neither of us had our phones, so no pics. Wasn’t sure how she would be, off-road in the rain with reduced visibility, only one way to find out. Still plenty of light for the start so normal running to begin. The good thing about this weather, it means less people out. So I let the boy off. We headed to Altwalton on the track through the trees. We even took the technical single-track by the Nene, visibility was low on this bit. Babs breezed it though, I honestly thought she’d struggle down there tonight. I did turn back to her a few times but she wasn’t far behind at all. Up to the village and back down to the locks. I gave her the option to head back along the river, or head out a little further. She chose the later, good girl. We head across the fields, still enough light and still raining. We take the trails to the train track. Just before we get to this point, I offer another add on. This time it’s a no, she’s getting knackered now. This is where she gave the quote of the day. I said she was doing amazing and this will make her stronger, which she replied with “Just leaving the house made me stronger” Good answer 👍. The boy is also having the time of his life, he’ll sleep well tonight. We totally lose daylight along the path along NVR track. Babs is in new territory now, moonlight running 🏃.Her glute starts to play up as we get back into ferry meadows. We stop so she can stretch a bit. I say about running by the lakes, as it’ll be lighter. It was a little bit and the moonlight off the water was stunning. Babs decided the walk now, so me and the boy (him back on the lead) go around the outside of the lakes. We meet Babs at the café and all walk back to the van together from here. I must say my jacket was spot on, first proper water test passed. My new gloves kept my hands nice and toasty too.

Day 299 done 66 to go.

5.7 miles.

1834.5 miles total.

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