Day 300. Stump.

Morning run with JB, starting in the rain and doing the ol faithful route. Can’t remember the last time I ran this. Out the door about 7am (8am old time) already light, wet and cold. I’m fully overdressed and don’t care, didn’t want to be cold. Down Potters way and down to the river. Some geese gave us a nice flyby.

Not the best pic but look closely, it’s easier to spot there reflection’s first. The swans got inquisitive at this point, think they must be hungry.

My gloves have come off now, roasting ha ha. Had stopped raining too. Was lovely being back on the morning run with the legend. It got a bit slippy on the trail but loved it and the boy stayed by my side. We stayed as we were and did a loop of the meadow. Then back on the lead through the estates and back towards town. A bloke and he old Labrador stop to say hello. His dog reminds me of Shadow -god rest his soul- my brother’s old dog. He was so good with Jackson, even though he died before JB was one. The dog told him off exactly as Shadow would. Bloody miss him R.I.P. ol’ boy.

Here’s our steps we race eachother up, he’s up for it today and beats me.

We finish off with a steady run through town and the cathedral. Got home and fed the boy, showered, had poached eggs on crumpet’s. Then off to church.

We drop the boy off to my brother, which is bizzare when I think about the Shadow lookalike. I can tell he loves having Jackson around him. It’s been over 2 years and he still misses him. We were meeting Babs family at Boston Stump. Thier unveiling a plaque to remember her auntie Pauline. She did alot for the church for over 20 years, mainly for the work she’d done for the library. Surprisingly a good mate of mine was in church too, getting his bands read. Was thier with his future wife and his family, great to see you Dave.

A lovely meal afterwards in little place I never knew was there. A nice catch up with everyone. Also see this and had to get a pic.

Congratulations Dave Hayden on your new half marathon PB today. Well done mate and well done to Claire too, who still ran while ill. Not a PB but a great effort.

Day 300 done 65 to go.

5.1 miles.

1839.6 miles total.

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