Day 302. Hill reps for breakfast.

An early night last night and slept great. I was waiting for the alarm to go off at 5:45am. I had allowed plenty of time because time seems to disappear in the mornings. Had to tip toe around to get ready, especially in the kitchen/lounge. This is Reese’s bedroom. I’d prepared everything last night. Crumpet’s are in the toaster, popped them down. Kettle is full, turned it on. Had a wash and got my pack up out the fridge, then poured water in my reusable cup of tea, filled the hot water bottle up (for my back) and buttered the crumpet’s. Smooth operation, almost too smooth. Left the building and got on my way. Only 12 mins to the destination, Panshanger park. Already a couple of cars parked up and its plenty light enough, so a good call. Decided on shorts, long sleeve top, wind jacket and my thin inov8 hat. Was spot on, a little warm at times but in the rain and wind a little cold. A miserable morning but great one for a run. After running around the top trails, past the Orangery and giant Oak. Across this meadow to the rangers lodge.

I get the bottom of the hill.

Time for hill repeats, didn’t really feel like it but that’s more reason to do them, right? Be comfortable with being uncomfortable 😎. It’s not a big climb but it’s tough enough. Loose gravel and changes in incline. Was aiming for 10 reps but ran out of time and only got 8 in.

Half way up.

To the top.

Had a bit of drizzle but that was nice and so was the cool breeze. I was definitely tight on time, so I headed straight back to van. Which if I’m honest was probably the nicest part. Over meadows by the lake, then I see a single track on the edge of the wood.

Back to the van, there was a woman just leaving with her dog. So got to the back of the van, got striped down to my pants. Shower gel on my head and I poured the whole of the hot water bottle over me. Outside shower, it’s the best way to start the day. Got dried off and went to the job. Also got my clothes dry, as the lads were late, so sat in the van writing this with the heater on.

Day 302 done 63 to go.

5.9 miles.

1849.8 miles total.

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