Day 306. Pushing the pace.

Today is a blog take over. I asked Helen if she minded writing today’s blog and she accepted. After reading it, I don’t think I can add anything to it. Great blog.

Thank you 👍

Steve has asked me to write his blog today, whether that’s because he thinks I’ve got something interesting to say or because he wanted a day off is anyone’s guess.
I arrived at the park run this morning expecting to just be meeting Babs, however Stevie B turned up too. As Steve rarely runs the parkrun I thought it would be a good opportunity to try and keep up with him (for as long as possible anyway!) We didn’t have a great start and I checked my watch and it took us 12seconds to even cross the start line. The weather was just perfect to try and push for a fast one and maybe a new PB.
Steve said he would pace us so I went with it and tried to keep up. At one point I noted that our pace was 7:45minute miles and I commented that this was much faster than I was used to, Steve’s reply was I was doing well – albeit it only 1-2k’s in. Steve later admitted that he was looking at the time as opposed to pace so was pushing the pace faster as the ‘time’ was indicating we were getting slower – what a plonka!!
I began to feel the increased pace and a couple of times thought about just letting Steve run off but he would not allow this to happen and encouraged me to keep going.
It got to the 4K mark and I realised I could be on for a new PB and Steve decided that the pace was going to get faster too. Steve was convinced I had more in the tank to give, despite me telling him otherwise. I went with it the best I could and tried for a sprint finish- 10 seconds slower than PB – damn it!!! Steve pointed out that if we had had a better start I would have got a new PB as each km was 5:18 or less except the first km which was 5:51. Next time Stevie B?

My take on the pace thing was-

I started off just thinking I’ll run with the girls. So I had my watch just on time of day. So when Helen said we were faster than normal, I looked and thought we’re running a 9:16 pace. “We’re fine I say” then I remembered ha ha. Was 8:30 pace at this point 🤫.


I took my cyclo-cross bike out for a little 6 mile spin. It’s the first time since I did my back. I could feel it while riding but nothing too bad. So far it doesn’t seem to of hindered it either, so fingers crossed 🤞.

Day 306 done 59 to go.

3.1 miles.

1868.1 miles total.

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