Day 307. Rubbish.

For those that don’t know, Babs is a volunteer River care coordinator. She’s took our local area on, as she was doing it on her own. I know there’s others that do there bit too but she’s stepped it up. With 4 or 5 (I know I’m a bad husband, I should know) litter picks under her belt, good turn out and big hoards too. It’s growing, with regulars now and a few more planned to come today. Always room for more though. (I’ve just been informed it’s actually 8 picks now)

So me and Jackson do our run first thing. If I tell the truth I just wanted to stay in bed, felt a bit rough since Friday morning. Knowing it’ll only get harder the later I left it, got my sen out the door. My phone had gone flat overnight, so no pics from the run. Down Potters way to the river and left towards the millennium bridge. I could do an out and back then. Even though I thought this and tried to believe it, deep down I know I’m doing the Stanground loop. 2 miles in I start to accept this and calm my brain down. My head was definitely against me this morning, legs had other plans though. Like David Goggings says “it’ll always end, always!” You need to get out your comfort zone and accept this. Like I say about 2 miles in, I did. Shut up brain! I actually start to enjoy it and JB has been good as gold. I don’t even remember having to do anything with him. Not for the first bit anyway, sorting my own discipline out I guess. So heading back towards Stanground I feel good, apart from the odd nudge from Bennett. Even though my head wasn’t in it from the start, I was on technique alert today. Iron things out and tweak a few things. Lighter feet and smooth, loving my trainers at the moment too. Had to hook JB back in just before the Stanground lock, as another dog walker is there. So left him on now, as we go through the streets, past the church, through the underpass, up and alongside the parkway, along the edge of the embankment, down Star road and home. Good run and felt so much better for it. Fed the boy and had my bowl of fruit (fruit till noon baby). My parents stayed over last night, there helping on the litter pick too. Went around Peterborough museum yesterday, then a few scoops with dad after, love these times with them both, especially the drinks with dad. The firepit got its cobwebs blown off after the lovely tea Babs cooked, as we all sat around it talking and watching the fireworks.

So back to the litter pick. Another great turn out and a massive hoard. Not everyone was happy having there pic taken, so only some of us here, plus I’m behind the camera.

Disgusting things us humans are, we should all be ashamed. This is just 2 hour’s in a relatively small area too. Come on people, let’s cut down on this.

Day 307 done 58 to go.

6.4 miles.

1874.5 miles total.

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