Day 309. Heavy legs.

Slept good last night but felt knackered this morning. I stuck with my plan though and left the building at 6:20am. Don’t think I was as stealth as last week, different flat= noisy kettle, noisy toaster (which needed popping 3 times) and noisy doors. Sorry Reese.

Anyway, parked up at Panshanger and got ready. A foggy drive there but we’ll worth it.

As soon as I start though, I realised how heavy my legs was. Maybe yesterday was a harder days work than I gave it credit for. This is why I feel knackered 🤔. This makes the first couple of miles tough, running here is tough anyway. After the great Oak tree, I come back out the trees and get this great view.

I’m sweating a good un, so I strip down to just my t-shirt and shorts, perfect. Then when I enter the mist/fog again the temperature dropped instantly. Felt cold now but was definitely refreshing. I’d say this perked me up, legs still felt heavy but a slight spring in my step.

This morning was a thinking run.
-First thing was Greece. I started thinking about our holiday and the warm weather. Then started to wonder how the others are getting on. Did Julie do her run? How’s Tony’s hip? Are they all looking forward to it too, or is it not in there mind.

-Second thing was my last run of the year. I need to make it special. I was secretly planning to start running at 12 midnight and keep doing laps of the route. As I’m running now I’m thinking it needs to be tougher than this. I’m not saying that running 9 hours is easy, far from it. In fact it’s bloody hard going but I know I can do this. So at this moment in time I’m heading towards 12 hours, maybe 24 🤔. While this will be my challenge and I’m doing it for me. Support runners/walkers will be much appreciated. Also warm drinks/food and anything else you can think of, will definitely be helpful and appreciated massively. I’ll update the Facebook page when finalized.

-Third thing and most importantly, I check myself over.

How do I feel?

I feel good, heavy legs and still have Bennett with me but otherwise no other niggles. Breathing seems calm and still loving my trail trainers.

How’s my mental health?

Stable! I’m definitely in control but if I’m honest without my running at the moment, I wouldn’t be so sure. Works not much fun and working away all week ain’t great. I’m sure it takes more time to adjust but its putting strain on me and Babs. Nothing serious but still a little hard at times. Plus I struggle with missing out on time with the boy. All this said, I seem to be in a good strong place. I honestly believe by having this freedom while running gives me time to reflect, time to de-stress, time to run out the anger, time to think, time to just be happy and exist. Because that’s very important, we need to exist. Nothing else just being here existing. We are human beings after all, not human doings.

To break me from this deep thinking, I see someone in the mist.

The first person I’d seen on today’s run. It should of felt spooky but it didn’t. If anything it brought my back to running. I say “morning” before I pass, just to let him know I’m there. He calls his dog back “Buddy”, a beautiful black spaniel puppy. He called him back again as he followed me. I wished he kept coming and run with me, I wished, god I’m missing JB. He’d love it here.

Back to the van for a water bottle shower, dried, changed, then off to work. Had another hard day on the roof, with a late finish. So stopped on the way back to chill and write this.

Needed some time on my own.

Day 309 done 56 to go.

5.4 miles.

1885.3 miles total.

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