Day 311. An early return to the boy.

Well an unexpected finish to my working away. After beers last night, which is always a bad time to discuss work issues. Things came out gat needed saying. I’m not sure how we got onto it and I possibly reacted a bit too direct. I don’t mean to come across like that, its my way of defending myself. I am genuinely an angry man inside and get annoyed a lot, I can generally keep in but most of the time bits come out. Anyway no blame or finger pointing, as a mutual agreement and handshake sealed the end of that chapter. So came home today to my boy and chilled a bit, before taking him for a run. I’m sat writing this blog while waiting outside Babs work. After the run and after my day bath 👍

I forgot to mention that I broke my watch strap again at work on Tuesday. So had to run holding my watch yesterday. Todays run I thought I’d use Strava on my phone instead. Was disappointed to see it happened recorded properly 😡 but I did record the time and I know the distance, so no biggy.

My head was all over the place, so was happy to get running. Was gonna do a trail run but opted for the Stanground loop again instead -which worked out well considering- JB was a really good lad, kept close and did everything I told him. He even left a dead heron or swan alone when told. Couldn’t tell for definite what it was, it was big though. As nice cooling side wind all the way to the millennium bridge.

Had a nice sweat on still and felt like I was holding a nice pace. Was bloody lovely not being able check it and just run. Didn’t have to hook the boy on at all, until we got back to Stanground. Even though we past a few people, on separate occasions and a bloke on a bike came past, not that he’d let us know with his bell -which I could see he had-

Was a good run to reflect on what’s happened and what to do next. Two other things happened as I got to Stanground church.

First- a woman with her little dog see me coming. Then proceeded to not move aside. Then looked at me as if I’d farted in her face. I took a wide berth, so not too upset her dog too. Got my back up.

Second- a black lad with a perfect afro came toward us on his bike. By the look on his face, him seeing me running with a dog, looked like I cheered him up as much as it did me, seeing him with his smile and stunning afro. I’d absolutely love to have a big ginger afro. That’s the truth that is, would love it.

Day 311 done 54 to go.

6.4 miles.

1903.3 miles total.

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