Day 317. Hill laps.

Up at 5am again, not to walk the boy as Babs is today. I’m heading to Panshanger to miss the traffic. Had my running kit on under my work clothes and got my packed lunch together. Warmed up some of Babs home made soup, looking forward to that and grabbed my fruit salad for after the run. Traffic is loads better but still busy in places but get to the carpark as it’s getting light. The sky is full of colour as I start off.

I take the single-track along the bottom of tree’s, there’s a nice steady climb at the end. Laps 🤔 yeah good idea, so I turned right and followed the trail back through the tree’s. Then took the steepish downhill back down. Just kept doing this loop. Was a tough little loop at just over half a mile but really enjoyed it. Slowly watched the sun rise each lap and watched people walking there dogs. I passed one other runner and a dog walker on my path. Otherwise it was just me and the squirrels. When I ran out of time I do a reverse lap to take the steep climb in. Then back to van for a shower, dried and clanged then done my stretches. Had just about enough time to eat my breakfast before heading to work.

Day 317 done 48 to go.

5.3 miles.

1939.2 miles total.

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