Day 327. BG recce.

Got here last night about 11:20pm, got nice and snug in the van.

Got up late at 7:50am, shocking 😲. Big Phil calling while I was sat on the bucket loo, ha ha. Got ready and set off, had to go back to get my inhaler. Then off I go. Just stay on the nice steady undulating trail, along the bottom of the fells. Past Thelkeld, Blencathra house and up behind Latrigg.

Felt good but hotter than expected, hat on hat off sort of day. I’m soon starting the ascent of Skiddaw, around 4 miles in. I pass a few people before it gets too steep and start walking. A joker shouts “Adrian” off Rocky. I get annoyed by this for some reason but keep going. Then I get this lovely view of Keswick.

Bit of snow the top, always brings an element of excitement. I’m running again now and pass around the side of Lower man. Started to get proper cold now as I got to the brow of Skiddaw. The snow has gone very icy and slippery under foot. Got all my clothes on now and still a bit cold. So a few quick pics then head off the top

I spotted the little trail off to the right, not easy to spot but got it. Got very boggy down here after the first bit. Infact alot of this section was boggy.

Down to the stream and up to the next fell, still very boggy. This is where I first saw Murray. I didn’t know his name at this point but I soon do. As I broach the top of Great Calve, he’s heading off and puts his hand up. This is the top of it.

Bloody bracken is high and bloody hurts my legs.

Eventually I get to the bottom of this and cross the bridge. I then proceed to follow a trail, deep down I know is wrong, to the point I stop and check my maps. I Didn’t pack the Bob Graham map for some stupid reason. Anyway, after tracking back and following a crap and definitely not a path. I come to a dead end. I can cross but not easy, I can see where I need to go but can’t get there. This is where I turn around and put my hands up “I’m lost” and Murrey replied with ” I’m following you “.

We worked it out between us and got wet crossing the stream. Then we talked all the way up Mungrisdale common. He was training to do the the BG round and was following a training plan. Very nice bloke and we stuck together from here on. I knew the route from this point, so I became the leader 😎 kind of. I was familiar with this part as Blencathra is my favourite mountain and been up it loads of times.

We get to the peak and enjoy the views.

Then head down Halls fell….

A bit of a scramble but great fun. We chat and enjoy the decent, till we hit the bottom. “Left here from me mate” I say. I explained the way back to Threkeld and I set off to Scales.. was a tough couple of miles but didn’t take long. I got my sen sorted, called the boys, to see what’s going on. Then drove to Threkeld to pick Murray up, to take him to Keswick. To be fair by the time I got parked and walked into town, to meet the rest for beers. After going to the cottage to get changed quick, we went straight out and beer was drank from now on. I’m layed in bed now, pissed. Been adding to this all night, bit by bit, yes I see some of the Rugby too ( Murray 👍). But what a great day. Also got loads of fruit of the market, for a fiver, bargain. Something else to say! I forgot to enjoy my 2000 milestone, it just went past but it does mean so much. I can’t believe I’ve run this far, crazy.

Just updated this as didn’t make sense in places ha ha.

Day 327 done 38 to go.

17.4 miles

2009.8 miles total.

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