Day 331. Getting organised.

Got the call last night about work, it talks of rain and they haven’t got things ready for me. This wasn’t what I wanted to hear, wish he could of contacted me earlier. I would of stayed up there for another day, or at least come back later in the day and got another run in. That’s 4 days lost in 3 weeks now, not good.

Still, was nice to be home. Dropped Babs off at work and walked Jackson around Orton woods. We cut through to the field to do a bit of fetch, then checked out the BMX track.

Back in the woods and the boy loves chasing squirrels 🤫. After getting him back we worked on some heel work, he was fine then going back along the single track. He kept looking at me as if to say “why aren’t you running?” I thought the same to be honest but it was just as nice to walk it.

Well, with December around the corner, I have some planning to do. I need a bit of structure and some kind of plan. David has set us both the challenge to run the same miles every day. From the 1st of December and up to the 30th. We can’t manage to run every run together but will be doing some and the others we’ll do the same distance. When he told me this plan, I loved it and got excited by the thought of the challenge. He WhatsApp messaged me his planned schedule last week. I’ve had to change a few distances to get the mileage I need for each week. I have every bit of confidence in you Mr Hayden 💪🏃.

As an extra thought, if any of you fancy joining us on 1 or more or all the distances, feel free to join in. Let me know if you do and this is the schedule,take a look.

Sat 1st Park run Peterborough 3.1m
Sun 2nd Stanground loop 6.2m
Mon 3rd Panshanger 4m
Tues 4th Panshanger 4m
Wed 5th Panshanger 8.5m
Thurs 6th Panshanger 4m
Fri 7th Peterborough Trials 12m (week 1 =41.8)
Sat 8th Park run Keswick 3.1m + 5m morning loop
Sun 9th Keswick loop 5m
Mon 10th Panshanger 5m
Tues 11th Panshanger 8.5m
Wed 12th London run 6.5-7m
Thurs 13th Panshanger or Swan 5m
Fri 14th Grafham water 12m (week 2 = 51.6ish)
Sat 15th Park run 3.1 + 8m ( there and back)
Sun 16th Meet at Rutland water? 15m
Mon 17th Panshanger 5m
Tues 18th Peterborough 12m
Wed 19th Panshanger 5m
Thurs 20th Panshanger 5m
Fri 21st Grafham water 8.7m (week 3 = 61.8)
Resting week
Sat 22nd Park run 3.1m
Sun 23rd Clumber trust10 6.2m
Mon 24th Park run route with JB 3.1m
Tues 25th Xmas day Park run with JB and Babs 3.1m
Wed 26th Parkrun route with JB 3.1m
Thurs 27th Trials 3.1m
Fri 28th Trials 3.1m (week 4 24.8m)
Sat 29th Peterborough Parkrun 3.1m
Sun 30th Peterborough 9am start…..
Mon 31st Peterborough 9:30am finish……Beer

So after all that planning, me and the boy go and park at the Woodman. It’s raining slightly and fairly warm still. We head into the park through the million squirrels, slightly exaggerated but the most I’ve seen in one go. Over the wobbly bridge and onto the Parkrun course. Need to get used to running it, so thought why not. Was lovely and windy and not many people around. It’s a great loop really and much nicer with less people around. I can’t think of a better loop to be doing the challenge on. Time to get focused 😎.

Day 331 done 34 to go.

4 miles.

2022.6 miles total.

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