Day 333. Goodbye November.

Well there you go, 11 months done with just December left to run. What an amazing year, my 40th year has been the best so far. I feel inspired to do better in life and everything I do now. I’ve realized getting frustrated usually comes from expecting too much from others. I get frustrated with myself for not setting better expectations for me but try not to expect too much from others. I’ve learnt so much from myself and others this year, to stop looking for praise or reassurance. Through doing what I believe in and being around good people, its always there.

I’ve ran 2034 miles so far this year. I’ve ran everyday, even with a bad back, colds, tiredness, depression, damaged toes, no running kit with me, not enough spare time, after riding over 100 miles in the Alps, before riding 120 miles off road in Kielder Forrest. I’ve kept running the following days after running 20/33/54 miles in the British mountains, plus many other events and activities.

People say to me “you must feel the fittest you ever have”

“No” “I’m knackered ha ha” is usually my response.

Seriously though I feel fit both mentally and physically but yes it’s been tough. With all the driving and physical work, I’m shattered. Not all the time but definitely at the moment. Pure stubbornness and drive has kept me going and of course you wonderful people.

Babs has took a big load aswell and I’m sure -although I know she’s proud- she’s be counting down the days too.

I’m trying to think of my most memorable run, I honestly have so many. I guess the Snowdon 50 ultra was definitely the biggest experience and learning curve. Running with friends and family is always special and them times on my own. When I’m totally submerged in the moment, just running, me and nature yeah I love that. Running new areas and exploring, this year has seen plenty of that. Running with JB is always special, sometimes a little stressful but I’ve learnt not to run with him if I’m tired πŸ˜‰.

Well with December knocking on the door and the countdown to my final run, oh and Christmas. For the first time of the year I’ll be knowing what I’m running each day, this will feel strange for me. So I’m gonna be happy, healthy, kind and considerate, thoughtful, aware, make time to talk and think but most importantly I’m gonna enjoy it to end.

Todays run.

Panshanger park. I choose to run across the meadow and up the single-track, by the main road.

Even though it seemed lighter this morning, I thought this would help with light more. When I took this pic it reminded me of the muntjac on yesterday’s run. I’d forgot to mention it but it’s worth a mention now. I see its white tail and thought it was a hare. Too big though and as it stopped briefly, I could tell what it was. Then it ran alongside but in the trees, only for a few seconds, then sped off 😲. Todays run was just chilled, felt in the flow and just listened to the birds. Could of ran all day I reckon, well that’s what I convince my Sen.

When I got back to the carpark I spotted this.

Seemed perfect for the occasion.

Day 333 done 32. ( Hang on! ) I’ve fucked up somewhere. I’m not changing all them now.

Day 334 done 31 to go.

5.6 miles

2034.1 miles total.

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