Day 335. 30 days to go.

First day went to plan.

3.1 miles at Peterborough parkrun.

Walked the boy first thing this morning, just down to the river and over the builders field but nice and chilled. Got home and fed him then got ready for the Parkrun. Babs drove us over to Ferry meadows, just started to rain as we set off. We joked about texted Helen and say we’re bailing ha ha, only funny as we talked her into coming in the rain. We don’t though, we take a steady drive there instead and having a lover’s tiff on route. Haven’t got a clue what is was over but here’s a pic of me looking moody.

As you can see, I look good πŸ‘‰πŸ˜Ž my head looks massive ha ha. Also you may of noticed that I’m wearing my spreds (vibram 5 finger shoes) I haven’t put em on for ages, so as it’s a special occasion it seemed the right thing to do.

I’m messaged David beforehand to check in and to check what pace he was running. His reply was

Slowwwwwwww been a long week… and er not doing parkrun… karen off out in a bit and I’m chauffeur- so in a few mins doing the same distance from home

The plan has failed already ha ha, it hasn’t though has it. The schedule is for the distance not the exact time or place, so it’s on!

So after the moody pic, we quietly head off to find Helen in the crowd. As we’re running late everyone has gone to the start line and Helen is in the mix. The whistle goes and after a short distance I spot Babs has found Helen and is running with her, so I slowly make way to them and say hi. After the little bridge I say, I’m gonna go and stretch my legs, off I go. In my own little world now ( I usually am ), weaving through the crowd and easily passing people. I don’t mean that in a bad way, it made me feel great. Not because I’m faster but because how good I feel. It also made me feel a bit of pride for everyone of them. What was a nice run out for me aiming to a bigger goal, was the bigger goal for these people. Every week they turn up to run/walk and push themselves against there will to stay in bed. Knowing it’s gonna be tough, they may not always enjoy all the run but every single one of them will be smiling ear to ear at the end of it. Parkrun is the best medicine. I still feel great as I keep increasing my pace. The leader Phil Martin comes past on his return, a few others then Paul Lunn too. These guys are proper athletes and truly nice guys. I just keep passing people the whole time, I love it. I push up the pace another notch, feet feel great, technique seems spot on too. Picking off targets as quick as I can, then the last stretch I pass Phil Neasy and his boy Ryan. “Go get him Ryan” Phil says. I turn and call him to come get me “come on Ryan you can beat me” he gave everything and got to me and pipped me to the line, good lad. I didn’t let him win honestly πŸ€«πŸ‘ˆ that’s my new favourite emoji at the moment.

BOOM! That’s 1/31 done seemed too easy. It took me all my effort to not run to find Babs and Helen, well I did a little but I didn’t record it πŸ€«πŸ‘ˆ.This is when is spotted another Helen, well that’s a lie she spotted me. Helen from Preston’s health, she shouts Hi and tells me she’s signed up to join us on the run. What a lovely women.

I was worried now, this is where trust is needed. I do trust him but this could become a dangerous game ha ha. See if David had done extra mileage, I’d have to go and do more too, He has but I’m happy to get this another time.

So I’m 0.15 of a mile down so far, I’ll have that back tomorrow.

Day 335 done 30 to go. ( spotted where I’ve lost the day, I’ve got 2 Day 261’s )

3.1 miles.

2037.2 miles total.


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