Day 338. 4/31 Stevenage.

Day 4/31.

I was a few minutes behind DH today. Was up at 4:30am but still not early enough to get to Panshanger in time. So I turned off into Stevenage. Our guesstimated distances was not far off eachother at all.


4.07 miles – Total 17.69 miles


4.09 miles – Total 17.94

Last week while at the Lakes Winnie asked me about Bennett. The truth is that he’s still with me but while he’s quite, I’m being quite. Leave sleeping dogs and all that. I need to get a bit stricter with my stretches but I’m definitely on top of it now. I might be back to normal and what I can feel is how I’ve always felt but maybe just conscious of it.

Was a totally different feel to yesterday’s run. Frost on my windscreen at home and frost on the ground here. I think I prefer the cold starts, it just seems fresher and the birds seem more vocal. Dave is out in London checking out part of our route for our run on the 12th. After reading his blog, it sounds like he had a close shave yesterday. Check his blog for yesterday out.

Stay safe but don’t stay in šŸ‘.

Did a little loop of new town this morning, good to use the street lighting. I had to get a pic of the mudguard Xmas tree outside a car garage ha ha. To be honest it’s a nice start to the day, as plenty of commuters out and a few jogging. I’m definitely a morning Lark, getting up early really feels good to me. Also the early nights work better too, but harder to be strict which. I’m enjoying getting home and helping Babs with everything. Then an hour or so together with food and crap TV. Spot on.

Then a loop of Fairlands valley park, where it was very quite and dark.

There was a van parked in the carpark which came to my attention, as its engine was running. It was still there when I got back šŸ¤”. So back to the van to wash, have my breakfast and write my blog. DH is currently writing his on the train to work. I just shows you can always make time for an adventure šŸƒ.

DH day 4 blog šŸ‘‡

Day 338 done 27 to go.


I’d forgot to say I stopped at Panshanger on the way to work to get some pics. What a beautiful morning.



2051.9 miles total.

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