Tunnel vision. 6/31 – 340/365.

I’m totally getting absorbed into this challenge. This month feels like a totally separate entity to the rest of the year. Complete credit to DH for coming up with the plan and he’s got me on edge again. He’s got a plan for the 30th but won’t tell me yet, sod. Ha ha mastermind.

DH blog https://wp.me/p7cadF-6Y

4.01 miles – 30.5 total miles.

ME 4.21 miles – 30.68 total miles.

So just as I set off Babs sent me this.

This hit home and shows I’m neglecting the boy. I do spend the evening walks and time with but it’s obviously not enough. A chance of routine is needed. I know Babs didn’t send the pic to get that reaction, it’s a funny picture but I hate leaving him as much as he hates being left.

I did the 4 mile ish loop at Panshanger the operate way round again. No reason I just felt like it and seemed a good idea. Fairly mild this morning and the ground still muddy from all the rain, not raining now though. I still needed the head torch for half of it and nearly went over on a couple of slippy roots even with it on 😲. Didn’t see anyone till the last mile, where I pass the old couple I regularly see and the older bloke, he’s always out walking. Stomping through the park with his walking stick. They all always say hi. I’m becoming a regular too. Dave had problems with phone networks this morning but didn’t seem to effect me. Plus I’m still in shorts 😎

Day 340 done 25 to go.

4.2 miles.

2064.6 miles total.

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