Day 341. 7/31 Back with the legend.

I’m off work today but still on the run schedule. David is still working, so this means I am, kind of.

Alarm clicks on…..4:50am…..snooze……4:59……. snooze…….Snap out of it Burton- get up!

Knowing that DH will be up and as I’ve noticed this week, he’ll be setting off before the stated start time 😉. I’m on to you Davey boy 😎. So I quickly got me and the boy ready. As predicted the message came through at 5:17am.

Morning just finished packing… good to go in ten!

I replied and set off at exactly 5:27am- the first time I’ve been ahead of schedule, infact possibly the first time on it ha ha.

It’s raining again but only lightly and it’s still unseasonably warm. Still in shorts and could of got away with a single top. The wind is heavy though and it felt like running through treacle at times. Only when it was muddy and into the wind. I had mixed emotions taking the boy on 12 mile run. I did think about running 4-5 miles then bring him home and carry on solo. What I decided to do though was stay in the mud as much as I could and keep him off the lead as much as possible. He breezed it he really did. 80% of the time he was doing his own thing, I had to lead him for the last 2 miles through town. We went along the river to Ferry meadows and did the parkrun route. I was nicely surprised to see other runners as this time of morning too 👍. The wind was swirling around here but I didn’t have it a bad as Dave in London by the sounds of it. Think he had head wind all the way and had his work stuff on his back, animal.

Well that’s week one of running together complete and I can honestly say, it’s been wicked, loved it so far. I know you’ve had it a lot harder than me, especially with your late nights socializing. Hopefully you will get some good sleep over the weekend, ready for Monday. Plus a lay in tomorrow, not starting till 7am 🏃.

DH blog and miles.

11.09 miles – 41.59 total miles


12.03 miles – 42.71 total miles.

Got home and was very proud of JB what a tough lad.

Fed him and had a morning bath – a first for me I reckon. We’re of to the lakes for the weekend, to treat my parents for there anniversary last October. So leaving JB to sleep and big Phil is taking him on for the weekend, good luck Phillip 👍..


After reading David’s blog, he reminded me of how the water sounded on the lakes this morning. The small wind chop spattering around on the rocks, brought back memories of running by sea.

Day 341 done 24 to go.

12 miles.

2064.6 miles total.

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