Day 345. Day 11/31

Up at 4:30am this morning, got an 8 and half miler to fit in. I wasn’t sure what time Dave was running but was guessing around 7:30am, the same as last Monday. I had to allow for dog sorting out time as well as getting to work for 8, so only a couple of miles would be done together again.

So I do my hour and half drive over to Panshanger and get there to see freezing fog 😲. Was a bit cold having my morning Bob. Jackson was keen to get off too and tried to rush me. It always amazes me how he knows things. I understand today but yesterday, bearing in mind he’s never been before. He knew we were nearly there. About half a mile up the road from the carpark he started to get excited. Crazy.

So the fog and my breathing made visibility difficult this morning. I had to adapt to breathing sideways ha ha. Sometimes the light was better bright and sometimes better on a lower beam. Having the boy with me made it funny though, as he guided me blindly through the woods. Then I heard that sound all runners hate, the battery low alert. I’m an idiot. I moved the charger lead last night, I thought about putting the watch on charge. I was doing a two lapper, so I was hoping to get one lap out of it. It was on my mind and made me think how much we rely on technology. That’s pissed me off a bit, I plan to use my phone to record the second lap too. Why does it matter, it shouldn’t, we should be running to enjoy not record. That’s it, the plan for next year. More running without recording Boom! Free from technology. Not this year though, I still have business to do and I wouldn’t of got these pics without my phone.

Got my first lap done with 2% left, 4.2 miles. I stop it and start Strava on my phone. I don’t trust this though as for some reason it loses GPS sometimes. It’s my only option so I tuck it away and try to forget about it and enjoy the run. I add a little bit on the loop to make sure I made the 8.5 mile target. Was getting a bit lighter now and after passing the bloke with the stick I turn my head torch off. A little bit further I let the boy off, now I can see him that is, he’s loving it. We pass a bloke with two dogs, they have a play and as I pass the bloke he says “a bit cold for that mate, blimey” Think he was referring to me wearing shorts. I laughed and say it is a bit. Called the boy and we carried on. Up the hill for the second time and down the single-track where I took the foggy pics of JB. At the bottom I spot something on his head. Crikey! Was it that cold?

Got back to the carpark to get washed, changed and feed JB. Now it’s light enough I thought I’d get a pic of this……

Disgusting behaviour! I spotted it when I first parked up in the dark but now it looks worse. What’s wrong with people?

DH miles and blog.

A bit further than me today.

8.76 – total 70.46 miles.


4.2 recorded + 4.3 not

8.5 – total 70.34 total.

2103.5 miles total.

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