Day 349. 2 runs, double fun.

Day 15/31 the breakaway!

So today is the first of the month that me and Dave aren’t matching our mileage. I have a lot of respect for him and what we’ve ran together so far this month. Both passing our 100 miles today, if I’d worked this out earlier, I’d of ran differently today and ran the 100 together. We’re still running together till the final run but just different mileage from now on….

The first of the day…me, Jackson and that bloody cold wind 😲…man that was cold. I thought I’d overdressed when I left the house but the wind just went straight to my bones. Even Jackson gave me a look of -Oh my god dad it’s freezing-

We reach the river and turn right, wind now on our back, it didn’t feel as cold. Down the Willows I think about running the ol’ faithful route instead of the swan. Would be slightly warmer for longer but by the time we reaching the sea cadets building, I’d warmed up. Let’s stick to the plan boy, he agreed. He’s back on form today, a pleasure to run with. I feel ok physically but knackered in myself. I’m getting run down and after going through town, I think about heading back early. I’m on the neck at this point and still have the park to do. I tell myself to relax and trust the plan, keep going. Around the head (the park) I feel a bit better and more positive. We head home, Babs is ready and I’m behind on time. Feed the boy while I eat my fruit salad. No time to shower, Babs had everything ready so off we go.

Sherwood Pines Parkrun

Second run….

Babs drove as I’m low on energy and eyes are tired. We get to the carpark and as I grab my phone to call the Hayden’s, they come into eyeshot. They’d been looking for my van. That wind is stronger now and still like ice. We have a catch up and head to the start line, for first timers and race briefing. Took the pre run selfie and took my jacket off.


We’re off. I run with Dave and Babs runs with Claire and Karen. We chatted most the way round. Must of been off putting to all the runners we passed, with relative ease. I have to say, what a great course. A single lap -which isn’t that common in Parkrun terms- all on good solid trail paths. It doesn’t feel like your doing a loop either, which is weird. I feel so much better on this run compared to the earlier run and were heading to the finish line before I know it. I say to Dave “these Parkrun ain’t long enough anymore” he agrees and we laugh. We pass a bloke and I tell him his lace is undone, he knew but too close the end to worry. Dave scanned his barcode (I couldn’t as left mine in the car) we then run (3rd run) back to the girls. They wasn’t too far behind really, so we all ran in together.

We some warm clothes on and went to the cafe. Karen stalked and grabbed a table as it came free, grateful for that. Didn’t fancy sitting outside. We had some lovely food, hot drinks and all enjoyed in great company.

See you all at Clumber next week 🏃👍

DH blog and miles.
3..94 – Total 101.6 miles.


5.1 + 3.11 + 0.66 = 8.87

Total 105.84 miles this month.

Day 349 done 16 to go.

8.8 miles.

2140.6 miles total this year.

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