Day 350. A day of change.

Change is good – it always sends a chill down your spine but usually always turns out well. Just go with it and prepare to move forward.

So the first change is my phone….

As you know it’s been cracked for a while now and damaged more on the Snowdon ultra. Well it’s been slightly playing up now and then and last night, it went crazy. Was as if someone had took over it and pressing everything ha ha. Obviously it wasn’t that, it’s on its way out. So after checking out my options at the ee shop (still got a year left on my contract) I’ve bought a cheapish new phone. Basically still getting used to it and today was my first run with it, this is also my first blog with it too. So far so good. I’m holding out for the Land rover phone when my contract ends.

Second thing is, me and Dave are running totally separately today. I didn’t get his message early enough, because of the phone. Plus sorting the phone put me way back on time anyway. So he ran at around 11am and I didn’t get out till after 3pm.

Third thing happened in the run….

I had a 15 mile run scheduled around Rutland water but gave up on that idea. Because of the time and I’ve been feeling a bit groggy, so my motivation was low. So grabbed the boy, he’s always up for a run. I put my Ronhill tracksters on instead the cut off ones I normally wear. I did wear them for the first time yesterday but whipped em off again, after seeing Dave in his shorts. Childish I know but if he wears shorts, I wear shorts ha ha. Could of probably got away with shorts again today though 🤔.

The run was made up of two halves.. the first 8.7 miles was with JB. We did the stanground loop, he was good as gold.

It felt tough today, not physically but mentally. Started to doubt my ability for the 24 hour run. How will I do it, can I do it, why am I doing it? All kinds of negative thoughts came in my mind. I think Jackson picked up on it, that’s why he stayed with me so much. We pass Stanground church and notice how nice a church it is. Then we have to go through a gang of youths, smoking some wacky backy. Just ignored them and went through the middle, they didn’t want to move, so didn’t give them much choice. Instead of turning right here by parkway, we go straight on. Through the estates and past the football stadium, over the bridge and down to the river. I wanted to get as much as I could from the boy, wasn’t looking forward to rest of the run solo. So by the embankment and along the willows. The first time I’ve actually seen a boat moving down here.

We even went down the parkway path to get that bit more in. Took the boy in and fed him, while I stuffed some water melon down my throat. Babs came in from the gym, glad see went as she wasn’t feeling great either.

So I go out again, not really sure were I’m heading. I could head to the rowing lake and into ferry meadows. Or somewhere else that way. By the time I get to the Nene, I decided to do the Stanground loop again but in reverse. Boring but I need to train the mind to deal with that. I got a pic of the church this time though.

Once I pass this a few minutes down the road, something happens. I settled into the run, I felt great. My head stopped moaning and I zoned out. Proper enjoyed this part of the run. Just me and the birds, my breathing was totally normal. I don’t wear a HR monitor anymore but if I had it on, I bet my HR was low. In fact I don’t recall much else of this part of the run or even going back over millennium bridge. I didn’t realise this till now, spooky. I do remember stopping to take this.

On my way back to the willows. I start having positive thoughts about the run now. I can do this, I’ve got the mental strength and to great support of friends. Then my mind wonders to the final run and I will need to do a kind of speech – need to work on that- I wonder who will turn up, this excited me. I wonder how many of you have been running today, with them negative thoughts I had earlier. You can do this, I know you can. I’ll be there with you, let’s finish this together 💪.

DH blog and miles.

5.38 – total 107 miles.


16.01 – total 121.85 miles.

Day 350 done 15 to go.

16 miles.

2156.6 miles total.

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