Day 352. The voice of a higher power.

The problem with common sense is it ain’t that common.

Dave sent me this pic I’ve used for the main pic for yesterday’s blog. Instead of adding it to yesterday’s, I thought I’d start with it today. Be a nice reminder of yesterday’s rant.

Talking of common sense, I got up at 4am this morning to go for a run ha ha.

When things need doing, they need doing and this needed doing 💪. DH is running his 12.5 to work this morning, with an estimated start time of 5:30am. I came home last night and I refuse to get up before 4 on a work day. So my plan was to get there and started by 6am. Do as many as I have time for and top it up through the day.

I had the boy with me too, so planned a couple of laps of the 5.4 m, that way if he looked knackered I could put him in the van.

Got to Panshanger in good time and as I noticed in my message to Dave earlier, it’s unseasonably warm. I’m not complaining though, shorts and long sleeve top it is.

We set off just after 6am…Dave was already out… Very dark and no other cars parked up yet. Head torch on and off we go. Had a lovely first lap, the boy was good on and off the lead, was warm enough. Had a few eyes looking back this morning, a couple of deer and I reckon and a couple of fox’s. One fox was in the field and every time I looked over, the torch lit up his eyes, staring straight back at us. He wasn’t letting us out his sight. So the first lap went by without error, JB was off the lead for 2/3rds if it. He looked fine and was keen to carry on, so he stayed with me into the second lap. By this time I’d worked out that if we kept the same pace, we’ll get the full distance in. I think Jackson knew this too as had him off the lead more this lap. He was spot on today, love running with him when he can run free, as long as he doesn’t disappear in the woods ha ha. So I needed to add a bit on to get the 12.5 miles. We don’t go back to the van, we head back to the rangers house on a different trail. As we head back fully satisfied with getting the run complete, there’s a voice in my head.

May as well make it a half marathon”

I thought about it but was getting tight on time. Then again.

Be silly not to now, It won’t take long your nearly there

I looked at my watch and I was nearly there. 12.78 to be exact.

Go on”

So I did, like the voice said it’d be rude not too. The crazy thing is I got this waiting for me on WhatsApp.

I replied with “that’s spooky” What is spooky though, was that Dave had the same voice in his head too 😮.

DH blog and miles.

13.11- total 124.8 miles


13.13 – total 142.92 miles

Day 352 done 13 to go.

13.1 miles.

2177.6 miles total.

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