Day 354. 20/31 Challenging day.

Well that was a hard day. I’m sat in Baldock services on the A1, trying to get the energy and motivation to drive home.

So it started this morning. Felt fine when the alarm went off but by the time I set off, I felt shattered. No avocado either πŸ˜‰. Sat in the van at Panshanger for a bit, trying to get my sorry arse moving. Got my motivational talk via messaging David (who isn’t running till later) He said

Cheers and enjoy JFDI lol – did that motivate you hahaha

I had to ask what JFDI meant, then I worked it out ha ha.

I was also having a message chat with Dave Greasley too, about the 30th and stuff. So both Dave’s got me out the van and running this morning.
I’ll be totally honest, it was tough. Mentally as well as physically this morning. My head was constantly telling me to go back, to take the shorter route. My body felt drained and low on energy. I had no pains or difficulty in running, I was just a big effort today. This is how I got myself through and to do the full distance. I thought about how much better I’ll feel afterwards. If not on an energy level, definitely on the knowledge that I got it done. Today I wasn’t running for today I was running for the 30th-31st. I Just Fucking did it πŸ˜‰

Work wasn’t much better ha ha

Had 60 square meters if floor screed to level. I was told we’d have 2 trowels on the go, as it’s around 20 square meters bigger than I’ve done. Anyway got left to me, I’m totally and completely shattered. Reece (who wasn’t the other trowel) kept me going to the end. My wrist and shoulder are shot to bits now, a big ask that one.

This is just over half of it 😴

Nevermind ain’t back there till next year. To to rest and run now till the big day, with a little thing called Christmas in the middle πŸƒπŸ».

DH blog and miles.

4.76 – Dec total 138.36


5.1 – Dec total 157.22

Day 354 done 11 to go.

5.1 miles

2188 miles total

2 thoughts on “Day 354. 20/31 Challenging day.

  1. Mate
    Remember your thinking early in the week
    The month
    The year…

    Remember the why is really important – much more than the what….. or even the how….

    Running is 90 % in the mind 10% in the legs… some days that figure seems ambitious

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