Day 356. 9 days to go.

Today is a big day. Jackson gets to meet his mum and one of his brothers. We’re excited and slightly nervous, it’s been nearly 3 years.

First off we do Peterborough parkrun, thought it’d tire him out a bit too. It’s Christmas fancy dress so Babs tells me, although not many others seemed to know. I did pass a snowman and a woman in a rubber ring, so we weren’t alone.

Me and JB started right at the back and Babs went further up in the crowd. The horn went and we started to move. We just walked and stayed at the back, Jackson wanted to get going but I made him wait. it’s just too busy at the start and I wanted a steady one. After the first little bridge we set off, nice and steady. Passing everyone on the grass and odd person spotting his little Santa teddy he was carrying.


I’ll carried on that way for the whole run, just a nice flow, slowing building our pace up passing everyone. Was way too hot in the jumper and woolly hat, think that’s why I feel a bit dodgy now, or maybe I have a cold still πŸ‘Ž.

A bloke came past on the last quarter of a km, wasn’t bothered at first but then Jackson said he’s not having that. So we picked up the pace and passed him plus a few others ha ha. We had a good run and ended with negative splits too.

We got a quick egg sandwich (Babs had sausage) then went over to meet Paul and Mary from Ireland with Jessie (JB’s mum) and 2 other dogs and Tony and Maggie with there 3.

Can see were the boy gets his good looks from, she’s a cutie.

When his brother turned up he was brought buy the mother and brother of the owner. I think he hasn’t been socialised as much and him and Jackson had a few tussels but only a power thing. They all got on and we had a great time with them all.

This is Benji, Jackson’s brother and definitely has a strong collie gene. He kept his distance from the crowd and watched. Moving in circles and laying down. They all got on in the end though, I had a lot of fun playing with Jessie and so did Jackson. All the dogs loved chasing me round in circles too.

After coffee and tea in the sailing club cafe, we say our goodbyes.

This is when I see the message from Dave.

He’s only gone and done 8 miles today. Does this mean I need to go and do more? I want too but will I? I am feeling a bit rough at this moment in time but the boy will need a walk later πŸ€” time will tell.

I think my body is telling me to rest though because I’ve done so much, with lack of sleep and no recovery time, works been really physically demanding over the last few weeks too. With yesterday and todays resting and extra sleep, my body is craving more. So my final decision today is to stick to the plan and rest, you win today Dave πŸƒπŸ‘. I’m hanging my trainers up till tomorrow. It’s all about the 30th-31st now 😎

DH blog and miles.

8.07 – Dec total 151.7 miles.


3.1 – Dec total 170.49 miles

Day 356 done 9 to go.

2201.2 miles total.

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